Steps to Choose a Good Private Jet Charter Company

Georgia Mendoza | September 20, 2018 | 0 | Transport

As the pace of your life accelerates, it is true that your time becomes too valuable to spend waiting in an airport for a delayed flight, which can make your important activities or meetings be postponed! On that note, it is important to contact reliable charter companies such as Prestige Jets in UK, and get more information on their services that include how much is it to hire a private jet. In addition, you should consider private charter – an easier, faster, and more customized way to travel to your destination.

 In today’s world, flying in a private jet is one of the safest and luxurious ways to travel. Unlike commercial airlines, private jets can fly in and out of suburban small airports that are closer to departure and destination points. In addition, typically smaller airports do not delay customers as it happens in large urban airports today. Therefore, before you consult your reliable charter operator to tell you how much is it to hire a private jet, follow these steps to help you choose a reliable jet charter company.

Select the right charter broker or operator

In this case, it is advisable to ensure you work with a reliable charter broker, not a swindle. Check the yellow pages, or your favorite search engine to help locate for you a charter company. Thereafter, if the website link is available, then navigate the website of the company you consider to get more information on their services, and how experienced their pilots and mechanics are.

Browsing the yellow pages can help you get more about the company, rather than reading the advertisement that they make by themselves. This can also help you land a reputable charter broker for Prestige Jets in UK.

Validate your charter company

The next step to take is to verify your charter company’s advertisement claims through official documentation. For you to simplify this complicated task, break the process into three main categories: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), insurance, and third party audits.

When considering FAA documentation, each charter company must have a valid air taxi certificate that authorizes it to fly for hire. Therefore, to obtain this certificate, the charter company must adhere to FAA guidelines. In addition, ask for a copy of their air carrier certificate, which is the official document guaranteed by the FAA. If the charter company you consider lacks this certificate, then they are not authorized by the FAA to conduct charter operations.

Often overlooked, insurance can provide a great deal of information about a charter company of your choice. The company should have typical limits for small jets, mid-sized jets, and large jets respectively. The limits can vary in dollars depending on the size of the jet. Therefore, these insurance limits require an audit by an insurance company to ensure the mechanics and pilots have appropriate experience to offer a safe flight. In addition, another important service that many charter companies offer is that, the passenger can be named in the policy as additional insured.

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